Step-by-Step Instructions

I. Lacing

1. The Ukrainian Lacing starts from the top pair of eylets. IMPORTANT: use same technique on the both shoes (NO mirroring).

1_Ukrainian_Lacing_Step1 2_Ukrainian_Lacing_Step1a


2. Go from the top right (as seen from above when a shoe is on your foot) eyelet to the next opposite one as shown.

3a_Ukrainian_Lacing_Step2_1 3_Ukrainian_Lacing_Step2


3. Turn the left end of the lace around another one from ABOVE and pass it through the next opposit eyelet forming a half-knot.

4_Ukrainian_Lacing_Step3a 5_Ukrainian_Lacing_Step3b


4. Lace to the end using whatever style you’d like (we prefer criss-cross style) and make small knots on the lace’s ends.

6_Ukrainian_Lacing_Step4a 7_Ukrainian_Lacing_Step4b


5. Arrange the lacing as shown. Now the sneaker is laced with Ukrainian Lacing. Note, the lacing has tightened (green, most of the lacing) and loose (rose, top pair of eyelets) areas.

8_Ukrainian_Lacing_Step5 9_Ukrainian_Lacing_Step5a
Now the Ukrainian Lacing is ready for use!


II. Doing the Knot

1. Tighten the lacing before doing a knot (note, that the knot is located in the second pair of eyelets, not the first one!)…

10_Tie_Knot_1 11_Tie_Knot_2


2. Do the knot as usually. In this case it’s a standard shoe knot, though it can be any of many other types (we highly recommend the great Ian Knot). It looks nice, doesn’t it? Note: No tails at all.

12_Tie_Knot_3 13_Tie_Knot_4



3. To undo the knot pull any of the “loose” segments of the lace. Bonus: now you can comfortably wear your sneakers with undone knot.

15_Undoing_Knot_1 16_Undone_Knot_1